Fans slam Ninja Warrior finale because nobody won...AGAIN

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Australian Ninja Warrior fans have been left feeling ‘disappointed’ and ‘robbed’ after last night’s grand finale where no one was crowned the winner… for the second year in a row.

The remaining 24 contestants were up against an extremely challenging course made up of three stages and ending with Mt Midoriyama which involved climbing a 22m hanging rope in 30 seconds.

However, fans never got to see anyone tackle Mt Midoriyama as unfortunately none of the ninjas could make it past stage two of the night, meaning the $200,000 prize money was left untouched.

Gymnast and robotic technician Rob Patterson came closest to winning and gained a medal for furthest and fastest. Source: Nine

At least this year a medal was at least given out to the ninja that made it the furthest and fastest which happened to be the 22-year-old gymnast and robotic technician, Rob Patterson.

However devoted followers were still left feeling the anticlimax of the show once again with many taking out their frustration on Twitter.

Competitor Bryson Klein, who splashed out of the finals on the unstable bridge obstacle says, “It’s disappointing a lot of people don’t understand the nature of Ninja Warrior.”

“It’s not like other TV shows where there’s a winner at the end. That’s not the idea,” he tells Nine’s Coach. “It’s not meant to be achievable. It’s meant to be this impossible feat which only the most elite athlete can achieve.”

20-year-old Bryson Klein says not everyone understands the nature of the show. Source: Nine

Considering this, fans are encouraged to stick with it especially as it took seven seasons in the US for a winner to be declared, and the UK is also still waiting on a winner after five seasons.

And out of the 30 series of Ninja Warrior that have aired around the world in the past 20 years, only six people have conquered the grand final course – so fans ought to be patient. 

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