The Bachelor fans slam show for allowing 'disgusting' bullying behaviour

Kristine Tarbert
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Fans of The Bachelor Australia have lashed out after Tenille Favios fled the cocktail party in tears on Wednesday night’s episode.

Viewers have slammed Channel 10 for allowing ‘disgusting’, ‘foul’ and ‘horrendous’ behaviour to continue, after producers failed to step in to stop outright bullying taking place at the cocktail party.

This season’s ‘mean girl’ Romy Poulier, and her ‘villain’ sidekicks Cat Henesy and Alisha Aitken-Radburn, decided to target Tenille after she received a rose and shared a kiss with Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins on their single date earlier that day.

Romy asked Tenille why she said it was ‘gross’ kissing Nick. Photo: Channel 10

“Tenille, were you saying it was gross kissing Nick,” Romy asked, clearly wanting to start something.

And while Tenille did keep her cool at first, Romy’s taunts kept coming until Tenille stormed out of the cocktail party, ripping her mic pack off, and running away in tears trying to avoid the cameras.

Tenille had enough of the taunts and walked out of the cocktail party in tears.Photo: Twitter/Channel 10

A producer ended up chasing Tenille into the dark, shouting “Tenille stop, it’s dangerous” and “just talk to me babe, what’s going on”.

But Twitter quickly exploded with outraged fans saying the producers of the show have been ‘complicit in bullying’.

Many were upset that Romy and her ‘evil’ trio were given so much screen time, and continuously allowed to put other contestants down.

“Watching a group of women continuously bag everyone out is not entertaining,” one person wrote.

A handful of viewers claimed they had filed formal complaints to the  Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the Daily Mail reports.

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