Fans Are Screaming Over Taylor Swift Making Her Crew Member Flinch By Throwing a Table in Chaotic Video

It looks like things got a little out of hand during Taylor Swift's latest music video shoot—literally.

In a new behind-the-scenes footage from the singer's "Fortnight" music video, Swift accidentally misjudged her own strength when she threw a table against a wall, leaving one of her crew members—and herself—a little startled.

Swift was playing the role of a "deranged" poet at the Tortured Poets Department in the video, when, after hearing "Action," she picked up a table and forcefully threw it into the wall—something that looked much more seamless in the actual final cut of the video.

But in the behind-the-scenes look, Swift, 34, clearly hadn't expected it to hit against the wall so hard, as it bounced back toward her with a loud clash, causing her to jump and shy away in fear, before eventually laughing it off.

Fans were not only amused by Swift's reaction to the chaotic moment but also by the crew member in the video, who was also caught flinching on camera during the unexpected incident.

"WHEN THE GUY FLINCHED HAHAHA" one fan wrote in the comments about the crew member who was standing on the other side of the glass.

"Was that man supposed to catch it?" someone else wanted to know.

Others were just obsessed with Swift's reaction to the table-tossing moment, including one person who commented, "I love Taylor’s reaction when she threw the table at the start it’s so chaotic and adorable."

"She really said, 'WHO'S AFRAID OF LITTLE OLD ME!? I should be,'" one fan joked on X in reference to one of the songs off The Tortured Poets Department album.

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