Fans Praise Morgan Wallen’s Quick Recovery After Tripping on Stage: ‘Never Missed a Beat’

Morgan Wallen doesn't often trip while performing. But when he does, the country singer doesn't skip a beat.

On July 4, Wallen performed at BST Hyde Park, a 10-day music festival in London. A video circulating on social media shows the singer nearly wiped out while performing.

He was singing "You Proof" when his boot caught on something on stage, causing him to stumble. As seen in a video shared via TikTok, Wallen caught himself as he tripped and immediately popped up to continue singing the song.

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In the comments, Wallen's fans praised him for the quick recovery and not missing a note of his song. One TikTok user wrote, "When he slips or falls, he never misses singing a note!"

Another echoed, "Amazing how quickly he recovered, and never missed a beat!! ❤️."

"He was so smooth about it 😭," someone else agreed.

"Morgan Flooren 🤠😂," yet another TikTok user joked.

Recently, another concert moment went viral from one of Wallen's concerts. The "Last Night" singer retaliated after a fan hit him with a cell phone during a show at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colo.

Footage from the on-stage mishap shared via X showed a cell phone strike Wallen in the shoulder. Clearly unamused by the flying object hitting him, he picked it off the floor and tossed it to a completely different part of the crowd.

"Never understood why people just voluntarily lose their phone for a night," one X user commented, while someone else declared, "WTF is wrong with people."

Hopefully, Wallen avoids any other rogue phones or near-falls during future concerts!

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