Fans Overjoyed Limited-Edition Lay’s Flavor Is Returning to Sam's Club

Lay's potato chip flavors are growing again this summer as fans warmly welcome the return of a beloved limited-edition variety.

The snack brand has introduced several new and nostalgic chip flavors over the past few months, but its latest update to its product lineup has fans more excited than ever for their next trip to Sam's Club.

According to a listing on the membership-based warehouse's site and a tip foodie influencer Snackolater received, Lay's Cheesy Garlic Bread potato chips are making a comeback this season.

"You just brought back a memory I never knew I had," one top-liked comment read. "These were easily 10/10."

"This is my favorite flavor of Lays potato chips," a second admitted before someone else shared, "These were my favorite when they came out with these crossovers."

"One of the best Lays," a third declared.

"i still have a bag from the last time they were out," another fan confessed. "i’m not jokingg😭."

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Along with the excitement were a few disappointed comments, as other Instagram users were hoping for the return of different discontinued chips—namely the Lay's Chicken and Waffles variety and the brand's Truffle Fry flavor—or were simply upset that the item is returning as a Sam's Club exclusive.

"Need the chicken and waffles back in the worst way," one lamented as a second suggested, "Should’ve been chicken and waffles."

"They need to bring back the Truffle Fry flavor," another begged.

"Now when will they bring back biscuits and gravy… 🤔," a different fan asked. "(please I’m begging)."

"They need to bring back the cool ranch Doritos flavor," another follower suggested. "Those were my favorite."

"if only i had a sam’s club membership," someone else lamented. Lucky for them, another foodie pointed out that 7-Eleven sells chips with a similar flavor profile but the ruffled version. "7-11 also just came out with a version of these but they have ridges. Pretty good 👍🏽," they wrote.

Lay's Cheesy Garlic Bread chips are currently available online and in-store at participating Sam's Clubs for about $4.48 per 15-ounce bag, with prices varying by location.

The fan-favorite snack joins several other returning flavors announced just in time for summer BBQs and beach days, including Lay's Wavy Cuban Sandwich, Honey Butter, and Salsa Fresca-inspired potato chips.

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