Fans mock Mariah Carey's 'baffling' new Christmas advert

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Mariah Carey dances in a colourful new chip ad for Walkers Crisps.
Mariah Carey features in a colourful new chip ad. Photo: Walkers Crisps

For many, Mariah Carey’s classic hit All I Want For Christmas Is You, cemented her status as the queen of the festive season.

But now, the pop icon has been on the receiving end of holiday-based hate after fans found fault in her performance in a Christmas advert for British chip brand, Walkers.

Despite being paid a reported AU$16million to front the campaign, fans complained that the 49-year-old looked as if she ‘hates’ the product at the commercial’s centre.

Face of the festive season

In the clip, Mariah fights with members of a film crew over a packet of the brand’s ‘pig in a blanket’ flavoured offering before taking a tiny bite of one after securing the bag.

However, it was this modest munch which left many fans in hysterics with some labelling the move everything from ‘iconic’ to ‘baffling’.

“If I went on a first and he ate crisps like Mariah does in the Walkers advert; I’d grab my coat and leave immediately!!” declared one viewer.

“Mariah Carey advertising Walkers, the way she eats the crisp, the pack will be out of date by the time she gets to the bottom,” joked another.

“Can someone tell Mariah Carey how to eat a crisp properly?”

As part of her multi-million dollar pay packet, Mariah has also agreed to have her face featured on 50 million crisp packets across Britain during the festive season.

Well, she is the queen of Christmas after all.

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