Fans lose it over Martha Stewart's bizarre scrambled-egg hack

Kristine Tarbert
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Martha Stewart has shared a “fun way” to cook scrambled eggs online, but the video showing the bizarre ‘hack’ has left fans less than convinced.

A video shared to Facebook by the Food Network shows Martha eager to share her trick for the perfect scrambled eggs. One she guarantees to be a “conversation piece” in the kitchen.

Martha Stewart has shared a “fun way” to cook scrambled eggs. Photo: Facebook/Food Network
She prepares the eggs in a heatproof jug with salt, pepper and butter. Photo: Facebook/Food Network

It all starts off relatively straight forward. She adds two eggs, some salt and pepper, and 1.5tsp butter into a heat proof jug and mixes them with a fork.

But rather than heading to the stove or a microwave, she uses a cappuccino machine to ‘froth’ the eggs until they are scrambled.

“Insert the steam wand right into the scrambled eggs. It steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs,” she says in the video.

She then inserts the steam wand from a coffee machine straight into the eggs. Photo: Facebook/Food Network

“In just a matter of seconds your eggs are finished. So very easy and it is a conversation piece in your kitchen too,” she concludes.

Photo: Facebook/Food Network

The video has attracted almost 4000 comments already, with plenty of people blown away by the trick.

“This is perfect because I have a cappuccino maker, but not a stove,” one person commented.

“Wonderful idea. I might have to use that next time I go camping,” another wrote.

The fluffy eggs are finished with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and toast. Photo: Facebook/Food Network

Many however, slammed the fact she would use an expensive coffee machine for her trick, especially since making scrambled eggs in a frying pan or in the microwave isn’t really that difficult.

“Only Martha Stewart would use an espresso machine to make scrambled eggs,” one person wrote.

So I just have to buy a $400 cappuccino maker to cook eggs?  I have a frying pan and stove already,” another added.

“I am not about to use my $600 espresso machine for making scrambled eggs,” was another comment.

“Like we all have one of those machines in our kitchen,” another added.

Others also questioned how difficult it would be to clean the coffee machine’s steaming wand after it was used to cook the eggs.

“I have that machine and all I can think of is trying to clean that wand properly,” one person pointed out.

“Now my coffee will taste like egg,” someone else posted.

Next up: How to cook a brisket in your dishwasher,” another joked.

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