Fans Say They’ll ’Sob for Days’ After Taylor Swift Pays Heartfelt Compliment to Young Girl at the Eras Tour

Fans are all up in their feels after a new video of Taylor Swift interacting with a young fan at a recent Eras Tour performance hit the internet.

The clip, presumably taken at the first or second night of the "Karma" songstress' stint in Liverpool, originally came from an X user named Danielle, who uploaded it on June 14, 2024, to celebrate her little cousin being chosen to receive the hat the singer wears at the beginning of the Red era.

It shows Swift making her way down the massive stage before falling to her knees at the end of the catwalk, where the young fan waited eagerly. Swift smiled enthusiastically at her, seemingly asking if she could have a hug from the girl—and waiting for her to nod "yes"—before throwing her arms around her.

The "22" singer then places the hat on the fan's head and chats for a moment more, appearing to tell her, "You have beautiful eyes!" while gesturing emphatically to her own.

Swift then offered her a double high five before quickly picking her microphone back up and diving back into her performance as Danielle's cousin watched on from her perch. 

In a reposted clip, another fan wrote "what if i cry" over the whole thing, and other fans couldn't get over the sweet interaction, from the "respectful" way she waited for permission to hug her to the way Swift stretched their conversation to the very last second.

"OMG! She just wanted to continue the conversation and not to finish the song!!" one wrote, while another laughed at "the way she grabbed that mic so fast."

"these interactions are SO cute it’s so sweet how much time she’s spending with them," they added.

"'you have beautiful eyes' oh i would sob for DAYS," another fan wrote over the heartfelt compliment.

"Mind if I sob," another expressed a similar sentiment, while someone else declared, "This gave me goosebumps."

There is some variation of the moment during every show, where one person is hand-selected in the crowd to watch the song right against the stage before Swift personally hands over her hat, and another recent interaction was said to leave the whole stadium in tears.

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