Fans Jealous of McDonald’s Canada ‘Perfect Summer McFlurry Flavor’

McDonald's launched a new McFlurry flavor that has everyone on the internet drooling–and also pretty jealous as it's only available in Canada at the moment.

The fan-favorite fast food joint recently added a fruity cheesecake-inspired soft-serve dessert to its menus on the other side of the border, and its U.S.-based customers have a lot to say about it.

Now available at participating storefronts in Canada is McDonald's Strawberry Cheesecake McFlurry, which is described by the brand as "The perfect companion to summer!" and includes "strawberry sauce made with real strawberry pieces mixed with cheesecake flavoured cookie dough pieces swirled into smooth vanilla soft serve."

Food blogger Snackolater was one of the first to bring the new international item to the attention of stateside Mickey D's fans, lamenting in a June 18 Instagram post that "this looks like a perfect summer McFlurry and once again it's outside of the US."

"McDonald's in Canada is absolutely bringing the goods this summer and I am beyond jealous!" the influencer added.

Social media users were quick to agree and noted that the burger joint's Canadian market is home to several enviable exclusives.

"McDonald in Canada always [get] good stuff," one suggested.

"We never get the fun stuff why?" another asked.

"I'm tired of seeing all the good stuff in Canada," a third joked. "You know what I'ma say it canadian bacon is just ham take that canadians." 

"Can we please get this in the US?!" a different user begged.

Others admitted that the McFlurry is making them consider taking a road trip this summer, with one exclaiming, "I wish that was here! A trip across the border may be in order!!!"

While this frozen treat is only available in one country, McDonald's is also making some changes to its U.S. menus in the name of summer, even updating its seasonal test menu with two new items that left the internet extremely "impressed."

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