'I audibly gasped': Fans find hilarious editing fail in Little Women movie

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Greta Gerwig's Little Women may have taken place in the early 1860s, but now that the 2019 movie has been released digitally in the US, one fan has spotted something very modern in a scene with an editing fail that will take you back to Game of Thrones' cup-gate.

Madelyn Rancourt, a huge fan of the movie, has gone viral after sharing a clip of the movie with a few things in the background that definitely aren't period-specific.

Little Women movie
Little Women fans have found an editing fail in the movie with two drink bottles appearing in a scene. Photo: Sony Pictures

Taking to TikTok, Madelyn, who has seen the movie seven times, revealed that in the scene where the March family descend upon the house of Timothée Chalamet's Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence to pick up their sister Amy (Florence Pugh), you can see a black drink bottle and a plastic water bottle in the background.

She captioned the video, "Anyone else notice this?" Along with the mind blown emoji.

She says in the video, "I don't know if anyone else noticed, but there's a Hydroflask and... a water bottle just casually sitting there during the scene. Let me know if you noticed this!"

People began commenting on the video with their shock at how the mistake managed to slip through both on set and then in the editing phase.

One person commented, "I will never un-notice this." Another added, "I audibly gasped."

Editing fail Little Women
An eagle-eyed fan has spotted two drink bottles in a Little Women scene. Photo: Sony Pictures via Vanity Fair

Someone else wrote, "I never noticed it and I will now never unsee it!!! Did the editors just go to lunch early and just skip over this scene?!"

Another user referenced the Game of Thrones editing fail and said, "Amazing. Game of Thrones all over again."

While someone else joked, "This is why it didn't win best picture."

However, some fans suggested it was done on purpose, "Nooo [I'm] pretty sure Greta did it on purpose. Sofia Coppola used to leave Converse and other pop culture elements in Marie Antoinette to interconnect."

Another user said, "They put them there as Easter eggs! It was purposeful because she wanted to make it blend in with real time as well."

Madelyn also pointed out in another TikTok that Timothee, Greta, and fellow cast members Laura Dern and Saoirse Ronan talked about the scene for Vanity Fair prior to the movie's release, but none of them realised the bottles in the background.

Very much in disbelief, Madelyn said, "They didn't even mention it, like they didn’t even notice."

Whether it was on purpose or not, it certainly looks very strange!

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