Fans Experience ‘Cuteness Overload’ as Robert Irwin Shares Throwback Photos of Himself at 8 Years Old

Fans are gushing over two new “so adorable” throwback photos that Robert Irwin shared over the weekend showing himself as a child.

It was only recently that fans dubbed the 20-year-old conservationist the “world’s most eligible bachelor” following a social media photo dump in May. With his latest post on Instagram, one fan said the throwback photos showed proof of a “Great human in the making.”

“You were and still are the cutest!” one Instagram user declared.

In the first image included in his two-part Instagram post on Sunday, June 30, the son of the late Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin was photographed as a child crouching down in a body of water, with only his head and the tops of his shoulders visible. Robert’s mouth was open wide, as if in a roar, revealing most of his bottom teeth and a few up top. His eyes were also wide open beneath the dark wide-brimmed hat that he wore on his head.

The second photo included in the post showed a smiling Robert still engulfed in water up to his neck. The new camera angle revealed a couple of large boulders standing behind him, with a few trees and a cloud-dotted blue sky also visible in the distance.

Robert poked fun at himself in the post’s caption, explaining that the photos showed an "8 year old Robert… a few less teeth in those days. 😂.”

His mother, Terri Irwin, left a comment on the post, writing, “You are still always ready for a fun adventure!”

Several fans also posted comments to voice their approval of the “too cute” throwback photos.

“Such a cutie 💓,” one fan wrote as another agreed, writing, “Very cute photo.”

“Cuteness overload 🙂,” one person said, while another declared Robert was “full of character and charisma even then.”

“Oh my goodness, the sweetness is giving me cavities!!😂,” one Instagram user joked.

Others drew comparisons between how Robert and his older sister, Bindi Irwin, looked when they were younger.

“You and Bindi literally have the same face I’m SICK,” one fan wrote as another extended the comparison to Bindi’s 3-year-old daughter Grace, writing, “You/Bindi/Grace are like triplets as babies I swear.”

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