Fans Can't Get Over Taylor Swift Struggling to Use Extinguisher in New Footage From Her Kitchen Fire

Days after revealing that Taylor Swift once stepped up to the bat to save their lives during an apartment fire, Gracie Abrams has finally released a video of the tense moment.

In celebration of the pair's new collaboration "Us," out today, June 21, the 24-year-old uploaded a snippet of their songwriting process to Instagram, followed by the cell phone documentary of what happened after they heard one of Swift's three cats knocking something over in the distance.

The video starts with the "Bad Blood" songstress clutching a small extinguisher in her hands, asking, "Wait, what do I do about this?" as she struggles to release the packaging and pin.

On the gorgeous island before her stands a large candle on a raised platform, completely ablaze.

Abrams is adamant about educating Swift on fire extinguishing tactics, exclaiming, "Not water! This happened...this happened to me," through her laughter, without elaborating as Swift narrates her attempt to get the extinguisher in working order.

"I think we're going to die," Swift adds dramatically, but Abrams quickly shuts down her line of thinking.

"No, we're not gonna die," she says. "But you never put this out with water, you know that..."

Swift doesn't respond as she compresses the trigger on the extinguisher, frustratedly groaning, "I don't know!" when nothing comes out.

Eventually, the pin seems to fall out of place and she's finally able to quell the flames with a stream so forceful it sends the glass container over the edge and to the floor.

Swift stands in shock as the visible fumes begin to settle, eventually musing, "Our purses are ruined. And my shoes. And the whole room, I think."

"It smells really good though," Abrams tried to find the bright spot through her laughter.

As the video ended, one of Swift's cats, Benji, poked his head through the door to investigate—or perhaps, survey the extent of his crimes.

One dug up Abrams' own brush with firefighting, showing the "Risk" singer dumping water into a flaming container that caused immense sizzling, heightened flames, and a shock factor that's hard to beat.

Many didn't seem to know that a candle fire constitutes the same rules as a grease fire—which, to reiterate, is never attempt to douse it with water—but most couldn't get over the comedic timing in the situation.

"This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen," one person commented under a repost of the video on X, while another called it "peak Taylor comedy."

"Taylor it’s just a small pot of fire please," another wrote in response to the dramatics, while others joked about how the multihyphenate "can't even use a fire extinguisher."

We don't think it's unreasonable to spare a small moment to panic, though, and, as another fan wrote, in the end "Taylor slayed that fire !"

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