Fans Call Mountain Dew’s New America-Themed Summer Flavors 'So Good'

Just in time for summer, Mountain Dew has announced three new America-themed flavors.

The beloved soda brand unveiled patriotic offerings in red, white and blue ahead of Independence Day and the 2024 Summer Olympics. Per a June 10 news release, the new Mountain Dew flavors include:

  • Star Spangled Splash: "the perfect combination of berry flavors, in a dazzling red color."

  • Freedom Fusion: "a refreshing lemonade white peach flavor, in a frosty white color."

  • Liberty Chill: "a blend of 50 flavors to create a bold midnight blue color and berry taste."

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On Instagram, food blogger Markie Devo featured a post highlighting the three new flavors on Instagram. Followers reacted to the new Mountain Dew flavors, with one writing "I will definitely try them!! The artwork on the cans is 🔥!!"

Another commented, "Freedom fusion sounds elite 💯."

Someone else declared, "I need to find these so bad I love mountain dew 💚," while another Instagram user commented, "These look so good, any word on if they will come in a zero as well?"

Meanwhile, other folks were disappointed about the lack of sugar-free options. One person lamented, "No zero sugar versions?" while someone else wrote, "No beetus-free ones 😭😭."

Additionally, Mountain Dew teased its Cooler Quest, during which "50 premium, insulated backpack coolers filled with the new Dew flavors as well as a $250 gift card will be hidden across the country for fans to find."

"There are two things our MTN DEW fans look forward to every summer—new limited-edition flavors and a chance to spend more time outdoors," JP Bittencourt, vice president of marketing, said in the news release. "This year, we decided to give our fans what they want by merging these two passions with this latest MTN DEW offering that's bound to fuel their outdoor adventures."

Mountain Dew Star Spangled Splash, Freedom Fusion and Liberty Chill are available at grocery and convenience stores nationwide starting this month, per They are available in 12-ounce and 20-ounce bottles for a limited time.

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