Fans Call Jason Kelce ‘a Proper Swiftie’ As He Wears Her Merch at Eras Tour Show in London

Jason Kelce arrived for his second consecutive Eras Tour show in London dressed in full Swiftie attire.

The former Philadelphia Eagles center was spotted walking toward the VIP tent at Wembley Stadium with his wife, Kylie Kelce, and younger brother, Travis, who is dating pop superstar Taylor Swift. The Kelces were in attendance at Swift’s first Eras Tour show in London on Friday, June 21—all wearing friendship bracelets, as is the tradition at Eras Tour shows—and were ready to take in another of her concerts the following night.

According to a photo shared by a Swift fan account on X, formerly Twitter, Jason, 36, was wearing a black T-shirt with Swift’s face on it upon his arrival at the stadium on Sat., June 22. Swifties were over the moon to see his show of support for Travis’ girlfriend.

“Way to represent our girl @JasonKelce,” one fan tweeted as another declared him “a true fan!”

“He’s a bigger Swiftie than most Swifties,” one person wrote as another agreed that Jason “is a proper Swiftie.”

“I absolutely LOVE that he’s wearing her merch,” another X user tweeted, adding, “they are all so supportive of her and it’s so nice to see.”

As many fans noticed, the security guard accompanying the Kelces to the VIP tent was also wearing Swift merch that matched Jason’s T-shirt. Fans pointed out that they haven’t yet seen Travis, 34, wearing merch in support of his significant other.

“We need to see @tkelce in merch!” one person tweeted as another person echoed their call, writing, “Omg , Travis , come on.”

“OMG, @JasonKelce you are either incredibly supportive, or incredible at trolling your brother for wearing Taylor Swift’s face on your shirt! Love this so much!” one X user wrote.

Another fan said the sight of Jason wearing Swift's merch was “GOLD” before tweeting, “okay so travis get up where’s your merch.”

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