Fans Say Barbara Corcoran Looks 'So Happy' in 'Grandma Role' in Seaside Photos With Grandkids

Barbara Corcoran is living her best grandma life this summer as she recently enjoyed time at the beach with her family.

The Shark Tank panelist and investor shared snapshots of her two grandchildren in a trio of images posted on Instagram on Friday, July 5. Her daughter-in-law, Lia, also made an appearance in the post.

In the first photo, Corcoran, 75, sat on a lounge chair beside Lia. Corcoran’s infant granddaughter, Kaia, whose birth the businesswoman announced in May, was propped up between them. Corcoran smiled at the camera beside the seemingly asleep infant, one hand holding her place in a book while her granddaughter’s tiny fingers gripped her other hand.

The second photo showed the TV personality seated at a table beside her toddler grandson, Jackson. Corcoran posed for the camera while holding an ice cream cone, appearing ready to take a large bite. Jackson also looked at the camera while seated in a high chair and holding his cone of ice cream, some of which had dripped onto the front of his shirt.

The final photo that Corcoran included in her three-part post also spotlighted her grandson, who walked along the sand wearing a protective sunhat and sunglasses. He aimed a large grin at the camera as he went.

“Seas the day! 🏖️☀️😍,” Corcoran wrote to caption the images, which she identified as being taken in Fire Island, N.Y.

Fans gushed over the “adorable” and “too cute” photos in the post’s comment section.

“Adorable. Being a grandma is one of the best things in the world❤️❤️❤️,” one fan wrote as another agreed that Corcoran’s “Grandkids are so adorable ❤️.”

“You look so happy in your grandma role. ❤️ Love seeing the warrior in you while still loving your family life,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Cutest!!! That pose on the 3rd photo is something else. Already has a leadership persona🔥,” one person commented as another declared that the photo of Jackson “needs to be framed on the wall!!!”

Corcoran’s oldest child, Tom Higgins, and Lia share Jackson and Kaia. In addition to Tom, Corcoran and her husband, Bill Higgins, also share a daughter, 18-year-old Kate.

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