Fans Applaud Jason Kelce for Cleaning Up After Shotgunning Beers With His 'Hecklers': 'Top Tier Move

Jason Kelce's reputation precedes him!

The Eagles legend's supporters turned out in droves to cheer him on during a golf event on Monday, June 17, as documented on the official New Heights X account, where a hoard of fans gathered on the other side of a fence with a giant sign reading "Philly loves Jason Kelce."

Some were more enthusiastic than others, with the podcast jokingly dubbing them "hecklers" as they criticized "Intern Brandon"—a member of the broadcast's team—for his weekly picks.

But it didn't stop the former center from going back to his viral Chiefs championship roots (though he kept his shirt on this time), as he shotgunned a beer with a group of the so-called hecklers, who chanted, "Go birds!" before slamming their drinks down their throats and then to the ground.

Jason picked up every can from the grass as he cheered along with them, high-fiving and permitting them to clap him on the back.

Fans were impressed with the "professional" way he didn't spill a drop of his drink, but most focused on the class act of cleaning up after them all.

"Cleaning up is a top tier move," one wrote, while another agreed that "the ensuing clean-up" was a "pro move."

"Picking up the cans after made me like Jason even more," another admitted, while someone else called it "priceless."

"If @JasonKelce showed up to a United Nations meeting and did this…it would achieve world peace," one fan boldly claimed, while another simply dubbed it "typical Jason conduct."

The father of three may have questionable personal hygiene practices, but he clearly stands firm on keeping the earth clean!

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