A Fanny Pack that Doubles as a Changing Table and More Clever Items

A stylish catchall shelf, a phone accessory for creating content and making calls, and 3D printed coasters made of plant-based "plastic"

<p>Kibou Bag</p>

Kibou Bag

Is there anything more cumbersome than a bulky diaper bag? It's enough to have to carry around your baby, much less a big ol' bag. We found this nifty fanny pack, below, that has a built-in changing pad, plenty of room for wet wipes and pacifiers, and space for keys and such, too!

We also found a pop art-esque wall catchall/shelf/hook that's perfect for your hall or entryway (or a kid's room!), a suction cup attachment for your phone that makes handsfree video calls and content creation a breeze, and few other smart and clever finds!

Baby Bag

<p>Photo by Kibou Bags</p>

Photo by Kibou Bags

Introducing the smartest diaper bag we’ve ever seen. It’s a canvas belt bag (yay for fanny packs!) with a fold-out changing pad, a waterproof pocket for wet wipes, and a hook for keys or pacifiers.

Shelf Help

<p>Photo by Heller Furniture</p>

Photo by Heller Furniture

Art that organizes life! This funky-shaped 29-inch rack has pockets for keys, pens, and odds, and ends—plus hooks for leashes, bags, scarves, and such.

Protective Gear

<p>Photo by Morse Studio Co/Etsy</p>

Photo by Morse Studio Co/Etsy

These 3D-printed coasters, made of plant-based “plastic,” come in a set of four and can be stacked to create a cool, sculptural centerpiece when not in use. No more pesky water rings! Plus, these double as little trinket trays for jewelry or special keepsakes.

On the Fence

<p>Photo by Fence Pot</p>

Photo by Fence Pot

Add some flower power to a standard PVC fence with this easy-to-install planter that simply pops onto the top of a post.

Case Study

<p>Photo by Casely</p>

Photo by Casely

This suction cup thing lets you stick your phone onto windows, mirrors, or cabinet doors. (You can make Video calls while you cook!) Note: You’ll need a MagSafe-compatible case, but there are lots of options out there. Casely has some cute ones!

Better Batteries

<p>Photo by Better Battery</p>

Photo by Better Battery

Never sure what to do with spent batteries? This kit
handles them for you. It comes with 20 AAs and 20 AAAs; when you’ve burned through them, mail the set back to be recycled, using the prepaid label.

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