A Fan-Fave Toaster Strudel Is Back for the First Time in Almost 10 Years

Don’t let anyone tell you less is more.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

When you go to Cinnabon for a cinnamon roll, do you always order an extra side of cream cheese frosting? Do you wish the frosting on your Pop-Tart extended all the way to the edges? When you buy a canister of cinnamon rolls to bake in your oven or slow cooker, do you silently judge how small the little cup of icing is?

If so, you are not alone. The frosting—or icing—is the best part of these pastries for many of us.

But sometimes, the pastry gods smile upon us and bestow an abundance of spreadable, sugary gifts. Exhibit A: When Pillsbury launched pink, "Mean Girls"-themed icing for its iconic line of Toaster Strudels in 2020.

Exhibit B: In 2015, Pillsbury gave icing-obsessed fans what they really wanted on their pastries: more icing! That year, the debut of Toaster Strudels with Mega Icing, which included almost double portions of the icing packet, took the frozen breakfast world by storm. But like so many good things—and specialty grocery items—it came to an end, until now.

Toaster Strudel Is Bringing Back Mega Icing for a Limited Time

Not since 2015 has Pillsbury offered its beloved pastries with Mega Icing, but starting in late June, they will be available in select stores. During that time, fans of Strawberry and Strawberry Cream Cheese flavors (and only those flavors) will get almost twice as much icing to slather on their hot pastry.

The icing that accompanies these flavors is sweet and similar to a vanilla glaze, and fans are thrilled. “Use to pray for times like dis,” a follower commented when Snack Betch announced the exciting icing news on Instagram, saying, “Say no more Pillsbury—sign us up.”

Other comments ranged from “It took them this long to figure this out!” to “Childhood goals comin to life,” to “The icing is the best part.”

Of course, it is. And of course that "best part" is only mega-sized for a limited time, so grab it while you can. Or, like one commenter suggested: Buy a tub of Pillsbury cream cheese to add on top of the traditional Toaster Strudel, no matter what the filling flavor is.

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