Get Kate Hudson's Hair At The Globes

January 15, 2013, 1:03 pmFAMOUS

Celebrity hair stylist David Babaii tells us how he achieved Kate Hudson's look at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

Get Kate Hudson s Hair At The Golden Globes

Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii has revealed his step-by-step instructions and the products he used to achieve Kate Hudson’s glamorous look, as seen on the red carpet of the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 13.

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One of the most sought-after hair stylists in Hollywood, David has recently re-branded his hugely successful DAVID BABAII hair care collection with a sleek new look and new and improved formulations that harness the combined power of science and nature to deliver exceptional hair care results.

“For this year’s Golden Globes, I wanted to show off Kate’s healthy, shiny hair with a style that emphasised her true Hollywood beauty,” said David.

Kate is our generation’s Brigitte Bardot, with soft, voluptuous hair that is touchable yet glamorous - she is the perfect muse and my inspiration!”

To achieve Kate’s look, David used a number of products from his newly formulated DAVID BABAII range, starting with the Blow Out Rapid Blow Dry Spray ($24.50) - a heat protectant spray designed to speed blow drying time and provide overall texture and structure to the hair.

Next, he added the Whipped Volume Styling Mousse ($24.50), to give a "natural, long-lasting fullness without any heaviness." Starting with a medium round brush at the root area to add more volume, David then switched to a large round brush to smooth hair and create soft, rounded edges.

After drying, David created a natural side part and lightly misted Miracle Elixir Nourishing Oil Spray ($29.95) all over for stunning shine and gloss. For her sexy, side-swept fringe, he wrapped hair around a medium round brush, spraying a small amount of Finished Styling Spray ($24.50). With the blow dryer temperature on high he directed heat on the brush followed by a quick blast of cool air to set. Gently he removed the brush to release the fringe. With his fingers, he combed through to allow the hair to fall naturally into place.

To finish, he misted the hair all over again with Finished Styling Spray for “soft, touchable hair with memory hold.”

Products used
- David Babaii Blow Out Rapid Blow Dry Spray ($24.50)
- David Babaii Finished Styling Spray ($24.50)
- David Babaii Miracle Elixir Nourishing Oil Spray ($29.95)
- David BabaiiWhipped Volume Styling Mousse ($24.50)

Re-launched in Australia in November 2012, the new David Babaii range is now available in Priceline stores, selected pharmacies and salons, and online


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  1. Jamie02:22pm Tuesday 15th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    You forgot to mention the orange extensions that seem to make up 70% of her hair?!


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