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Credit: Getty Images

If there’s one thing Nicki Minaj knows how to do, it’s stand out from the crowd! Known for her wacky weaves in neon pops of color, she showed a more obtainable but still over-the-top fabulous hairstyle on the recent AMA red carpet. "This look is big, bold and really makes a statement. It’s a bit like her hair needs its own invite!" laughs celebrity hairstylist Eric Sebbag who has styled the attention grabbing covers of W Magazine, Elle and Vogue.

"If you’re feeling wild and don’t like fitting in and have the right attitude, this is the look for you!"

Here’s how to create Nicki’s wild waves using the VS Sassoon Wave Envy.

How to:

1. Don’t worry about freshly washing hair, this style works when hair is a little dirty. Just add a little dry shampoo to build volume and reduce any grease. If you prefer freshly washed hair, apply a volumising mousse only at the roots to create body.

2. Blow dry hair upside down using the diffuser attachment until hair is completely dry. Use you hands to crunch the hair as you dry.

3. Once hair is completely dry, section hair into four layers starting at the bottom then divide each layer into three-inch pieces.

4. Spray each section of hair with a light non-hold hair spray, starting right at the root. Using your VS Sassoon Wave Envy simply press the hair between the ceramic plate and barrels for 4-5 seconds. Carefully move down the shaft of the hair. The Wave Envy's ceramic technology™ provides even heat distribution for a silky, smooth finish.

5. Repeat around entire head until all sections are done, then flip hair upside down and shake your head and spray with hair stray to create extra lift.

6. Flip your hair the right way up and create a side part for even more volume at the crown of your head.


Expert tip: use a wide toothcomb to tease hair at the root for extra height.

Credit: VS Sassoon
VS Sassoon Wave Envy is available to buy online, $52.95 RRP.