Rick Salomon, Getty Images
Rick Salomon, Getty Images

It's been seven years since the release of "One Night In Paris". The sex tape of socialite, Paris Hilton, and then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon. Paris Hilton's infamous sex tape is at the centre of a new lawsuit as porn bosses battle to keep the film away from illegal downloaders.

The film, which features Hilton with her former boyfriend Rick Salomon, became a best-seller and now executives at the company which owns the copyright to the tape are suing online users who have been downloading the footage without paying. The company that owns the copyright to Paris Hilton's XXX debut - "One Night in Paris" - has filed the suit against 843 "John Does" for cyber-stealing the infamous flick - referred to as a "motion picture" in the lawsuit.

The defendants have been been illegally distributing the "motion picture" from 2010 up until now. Proving its success, in the year it was released, Rick Salomon reported earning $10 million. Making it the most lucrative night vision sex tape in history.


This is not the first time One Night in Paris has been the source of lawsuits filed to protect the interest of various copyright holders. In 2006, XPays filed a copyright and trademark lawsuit against CelebrityCash, and it's many company affiliates.


In 2005, Rick Solomon, Hilton’s long since ex-boyfriend who appears in and shot the One Night footage, filed suit against LFP Broadcasting LLC, alleging that it did not have permission to ink a deal that would have broadcast the footage via hotel room pay-per-view.

Also in 2005, Red Light Video, as the then exclusive owner and distributor of the 1 Night in Paris DVD, filed suit against Woodland Hills One Hour Photo, alleging the illegal counterfeit manufacture, sale and distribution of the video.

Even though Paris filed a lawsuit to prevent the release. She did sign off on One Night, but her share of proceeds derived from the sale and rental of the movie over the years has never been publicly disclosed.

Rick Salomon was previously married to Pamela Anderson, who has a sex tape of her own with Tommy Lee.