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Mel B’s love affair with Australia has been put on hold as she moves her family back to LA after living in Sydney for the past few months.The X Factor judge has been living in a Vaucluse house along with her three children since December last year. According to the Daily Telegraph, Mel flew back to LA last week while her husband Stephen Belafonte stayed in Sydney to finalise the move out of their house.

It’s been revealed the former Spice Girl is still under contract with Channel Seven and has signed up to return for another season of X Factor. This means Mel will be flying back and forth from LA to Sydney to film the show.

It’s thought the move has something to do with visa issues. Mel has spoken previously about her love for Australia and her desire to become a citizen. She told the Telegraph, "My kids go to school, my husband and I love all the restaurants and we all love the Sydney lifestyle.

"To get citizenship here does take quite a bit of effort with paperwork, all the legal work and getting the birth certificates. But we really want to get residency."

Mel and her husband Stephen have even invested in local businesses including The Island Bar in Sydney.