Credit: David Beckham Facebook
Credit: David Beckham Facebook

David Beckham’s H&M ad directed by Guy Ritchie has been getting a huge amount of attention – and rightfully so, who wouldn’t want to watch the football hunk run around in nothing but his trunks?After the release of the H&M short-film which shows a half-naked Becks running through a neighbourhood in pursuit of a car after his dressing gown gets stuck in the door, fans noticed that the 37-year-old looked different in some scenes.

In one scene, “Becks” is seen running from behind. However, the tattoos on his right arm and lower back are missing.
As it turns out even the hottest man in the world needs a body double.

Credit: H&M
This would not have turned into such a scandal if Becks hadn’t been quoted days before the video was released saying, “It was good fun playing an action hero for the day, getting to do all the stunts and ending up in unexpected situations.”


H&M addressed the rumours and confirmed that a body double was indeed used in “small parts” of the advert. A rep for H&M said in a statement, "David was very involved in the advert including doing most of the stunts.

"Due to his tight schedule a body double was used in smaller parts of the video."

After watching the video many times – just to check out the evidence of the body double, of course - we don’t mind that Becks bent the truth a little.