Credit: Jessbesst Twitter
Credit: Jessbesst Twitter

Harry Styles celebrated his 19th birthday on Friday night (01.02.13) in a London nightclub with friends including radio DJ Nick Grimshaw and Pixie Geldof. Among the party-guests was a stripper, who was apparently organised by Harry's good mate Nick "Grimmy" Grimshaw. Speaking to The Sun, Harry revealed, "Grimmy said I had to sit there because he was bringing a cake. He started telling everyone to be quiet but I could see the cake in the kitchen and the candles weren’t lit, so I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ Then Grimmy said, ‘Someone in here is under-age’ and I saw a police hat bobbing through the crowd. I was like, ‘Oh no!’

Credit: Jessbesst Twitter

"I have never seen my manager run so quick to cover the CCTV cameras but the pictures got out anyway."

The birthday extravaganza took place at The Alibi in Dalston, East London.


The stripper began to peel off her police uniform and gave Harry a lap dance. Oddly enough, she'd misplaced her truncheon to the gig and was improvising with nunchucks instead. Harry explained, "She stripped down to her underwear but unfortunately there was a no-nudity policy in the bar. She didn’t handcuff me but the funniest part was that when she finished she said, ‘I’m really sorry I couldn’t find my truncheon so I had to bring my nunchucks’. That was a bit weird.


"Then a guy in our group came up and said, ‘I went to college with her!’"

It seems Harry was a good sport and enjoyed the entertainment. He even posed for a photo with his pal Nick and the stripper.

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Harry and his pals partied through the night until 3a.m. before taking the party to a friend's place.

"I was in stitches, it was really funny. We had a great night," Harry recalled.
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Wonder what Harry's ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift thinks of all this?