Credit: Sebastian Faena for V Magazine
Credit: Sebastian Faena for V Magazine

Kate Upton has posed for a series of photos shot by Argentinean-born photographer Sebastian Faena. In the photos shot for V Magazine, the 20-year-old voluptuous model is seen channeling the 1960s, with thick eyeliner, heavily-defined brows and a voluminous bouffant.The setting for the shots is a hotel, with Kate playing the role of a “confused, kept housewife with irony” who is having an affair with a young male model. Photographer Sebastian praises the blonde bombshell, “She has star quality. She is like nobody else today.”

Credit: Sebastian Faena for V Magazine
Fans on Instagram were also given a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of the shoot in a snap posted by the model.
Credit: Kate Upton Instagram
Kate is also currently gracing the cover of British Vogue’s January issue – her second Vogue cover since her debut on Italia Vogue in November 2012.


Alexandra Shulman, editor of the British magazine, was keen to embrace the image of a curvy woman. She said, “When I decided to shoot Kate for our first cover of 2013, it was to kick off the year with a young woman who is not a stereotypical fashion model - although, let's face it, she's hardly a heffalump!”

The American model shot to fame after she made the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover in 2011, shot by photographer Terry Richardson.

Kate’s shapely figure has been at the centre of numerous weight debates in the fashion world. Speaking about her famous curves, she said, “I don't really know what the appeal is about boobs. But I do know that when I was in junior high, I used to be made fun of - for being flat-chested.

“Everyone would go, ‘She's not pretty! She doesn't have boobs!’ So I always had boob envy. And when finally I went through my growth spurt, and they appeared, and I just loved them.

“So that's why I like boobs, because I didn't have them, and then I got them!”