The 50-year-old actor – whose five-year marriage to Katie Holmes ended after the actress filed for divorce in June – is said to be reconsidering his links to Scientology after 20 years. Tom reportedly felt “a failure” following his split from Katie.A source told The People, "Now he’s lost the most precious thing in his life, he sees that his Scientology beliefs may not have hurt his box office but have ended not one but two marriages.

“It was a terrifying and rude awakening for Tom when Katie served him with divorce papers. He’s used to feeling undefeatable and untouchable. When he lost Katie he felt a failure.”


"He has lost Nicole and now his wife and daughter. He has always used the Scientology techniques but he has now realised they don’t work in marriage.

"Tom is no longer volunteering to be the public poster boy for Scientology. You’ll see he is seriously calming that down, he will head up the annual fundraisers and awards show but that’s in-house.


“Many believe he is pulling away because he thinks it was Scientology that split him and Katie up.”

Insiders believe Katie would consider taking Tom back if Tom were to cut ties with Scientology. The source said, "If Tom truly leaves, Katie would reconsider. She was in love with Tom, he was her childhood crush, it took a lot of strength to break free. But now she has peace of mind but no love.”