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Whether he’s slaying zombies on tele, strutting his stuff for Prada or chewing up scenes with Lady Gaga, Norman Reedus, quite simply, exudes cool. FAMOUS caught up the 44-year old while he was in Sydney to promote the return of 'The Walking Dead'.'The Walking Dead' is going remarkably strong three seasons in. What attracted you to the show?
When I read the pilot, the name ‘Walking Dead’ just stood out and was so well-written. The best names were already attached to it so I knew it was going to be great – I just didn’t know it was going to be such a big thing.

Do you get recognised a lot when you’re out and about?
Every once in a while – by a lot of guys, actually. No one chases me down the street like The Beatles, though. [Laughs]

Your character [Daryl Dixon] has emerged as a fan favourite. Why do you think he resonates with viewers?
I think it's a combination of a whole bunch of things. What I love about Daryl is that he’s honest, he’s been an underdog his whole life and he's sort of becoming this man that he was never going to be. I also love the fact that he can handle himself.

Are you anything like him in real life?
[Laughs] I’m certainly honest – and I can be socially awkward.

Do you have a say in the development of Daryl?
I discuss my ideas with the writers but ultimately listen to them. I really wanted to have a dog last season but they convinced me I didn’t need one just yet [laughs]. They're so good at their job so I trust them.

The crossbow plays a big role, did you train with it?
We trained with it, but I’m such a klutz that I tripped and gave myself a black eye once. There are a lot of bloopers with me and that thing [laughs].

Who are you closest with-in the cast?
Well, we all get along, but I’d have to say I’m closest with Andy [Lincoln]. He's always in my trailer bumming cigarettes and saying, "Don't tell anyone I'm in here smoking". We’ve been asked to grow our hair for next season so we both have a $5 bet going to see who’d cut it first. He’s a great guy – and he’s definitely my best mate.

Do you think there will be a Walking Dead movie at some stage?
If we do a movie I’d love to do a winter version set in the snow!

Let’s rewind to Judas. It’s not everyday you get cast in one of Lady Gaga’s videos. Was it fun?
It was. I basically got a call saying, “Would you like to come to LA and do this music video for Gaga?" and I said, "I'm in LA". They asked, "Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?" I replied, "I'm looking at my motorcycle right now.” I told them I’d do it on one condition, that I got to ride my own motorcycle in the video. The deal was done, it was shot over a weekend and it was great fun.

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You keep yourself quite busy. I hear you’re also a director, a model and an artist. Tell us more about your other ventures…
I was in a Prada campaign which involved a series of actors – although I had no idea what Prada was at the time. I’ve also done art shows in New York and Germany – I tend to dabble in a lot of things. It’s nice to be able to do all that.

The second half of season three of The Walking Dead is about to kick off. Care to dish any goss?
People will start to question what side people are really on and a lot of distrust will follow. It’s so action packed and emotional, I can’t wait for people to see it.

The Walking Dead returns Tuesday February 12 at 8.30pm on FX.

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