David Beckham Strips Down To His Underwear

November 13, 2013, 10:15 amDanielle Gay | FAMOUS

David Beckham has teased fans yet again with pics of his latest range of underwear for H&M.

David Beckham Strips Down To His Underwear
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Beckham, 38, has stripped down to his underwear for the new advertising campaign.

David Beckham. Photo: H&M

The football star is seen sitting in a gym changing room wearing just a pair of plum coloured briefs.

Since his first range which debuted in January, he has expanded his designs to include sweatshirts, bottoms and even a beanie.

"I think it's always important when getting a new collection out, to update it enough to make sure people feel they are getting something different," he said in a new video for the brand.

"I think we've done that with this, we've been adding the green, the vine, the cream, and I think that brings a new dimension to the whole collection - and that's very special."

Becks also explained that the new range reflects his own casual style.

"I love vintage jeans, great fitting jeans obviously, and T-shirts. I've got a lot of T-shirts, I just love to wear jeans and T-shirts with trainers, so that's kind of everything in my wardrobe really."

"I have a few smart suits, but most of the time it's just jeans and T-shirts," he added.

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