Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Splash Out On $2.5M House

November 19, 2012, 12:37 pmFAMOUS

Andrew Garfield and his girlfriend Emma Stone have purchased a new home in Beverly Hills.

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Splash Out On $2.5M House
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The couple - who have been dating for more than a year since meeting on the set of 'The Amazing Spiderman' and are both set to reprise their roles in the soon to be filmed sequel - have reportedly bought a new $2.5 million house in Beverly Hills, California.

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The four-bedroom property is said to be located in one of the most exclusive gated communities in the area and was once owned by the late actor Dudley Moore, according to

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The sprawling bungalow boasts 3,862-square-foot of space and includes traditional features such as wood-beams, high ceilings and a brick fireplace.

Despite signing off on their new home, friends of the couple recently said they are in no rush to marry and are eager to focus on this careers.


A source close to the 24-year-old actress said, "There's no rush to get engaged. They are both young and ambitious."

Another pal said, "They just love spending time together. They are absolutely adorable together. They both seem to have their heads on straight... They are the most normal couple I have seen."

For a long time Andrew, 29, and Emma refused to confirm their relationship in a bid to maintain some privacy.

She previously said, "There's such a great sense of comfort in knowing that the only thing you have control over is what you say. People can say and do all they want. If it never comes out of your own mouth, you still get to keep that semblance of what is sacred to you."

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