Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Divorce Getting Nasty

November 21, 2011, 9:11 amJordana Rooz | FAMOUS

Although she's still Mrs Kutcher on twitter, Demi wants to "punish" Ashton in their divorce.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Divorce Getting Nasty
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The actress confirmed she and Ashton were splitting on Friday (18.11.11) - shortly after it was alleged he had cheated on her with another woman - and she is said to be planning to claim part of his personal fortune, even though they signed a prenuptial agreement before their 2005 wedding.


At the time of their wedding Demi, 49, was said to have assets of $150 million, and a further $80 million from her divorce settlement with second husband Bruce Willis. Ashton, 33, was at the beginning of his career, and not personally wealthy, though he is now thought to command around $700,000 an episode for starring in ‘Two and Half Men’ and earn up to $6 million a year from various investments.

A source close to Demi told The Mail on Sunday newspaper: “With a pre-nuptial agreement, Ashton should be sitting pretty.

“These agreements are designed to protect one’s earnings during the marriage as well as one’s pre-nuptial assets.


“But Demi is furious, raging in fact – you only have to look at every photo you see of her to see the toll Ashton’s cheating has taken on her.

“She wants to punish him financially because of the way he has broken her heart. She is talking about going after a share of what he has earned since their marriage on the grounds that she contributed to much of what he has achieved.

“She is going to give him a bitter fight and, whether or not she wins, it will be an expensive lesson for him.”

Demi and Ashton's marriage was rocked when 23-year-old Sara Leal claimed the actor had sex with her at a San Diego hotel room in September. The couple are thought to have tried therapy sessions in an attempt to save their marriage, but Demi finally decided she couldn’t forgive Ashton.

The source added: “She was a wreck. She believes strongly in marriage and she really didn’t want to spend her middle years alone. But in the end, she just couldn’t see any way of making things work.”

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  1. SSS12:26pm Monday 23rd July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    If she cant stand been alone in her age, then maybe she should've forgiven him instead of trying to teach him a lesson now with a nasty divorce trying to suck all she can out of him!!! Ashton doesn't seemed too worried lol. regardless, that's Hollywood for ya.

  2. Linda Rae Tynan03:07am Tuesday 22nd November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    You would think that Demi would be more of a woman and just let him go...She milked Bruce for all she could and now, because she was a good girl, she wants to punish a kid, which is what she married, a great kid but a kid compared to her...makes you wonder what the Ole Lady didnt do to keep her "kid" happy and now she wants HIM to pay for her own stupidity???? And she left Bruce for this???? Dont blame the men for "running" away. Hope you get what you deserve, and that is nothing more from the men in your life that you just cant handle...Try someone your own age that understands where you are coming from...Grow Up Demi and leave with a little bit of grace.....YOU DID THIS !!!! From a woman that men went out on and left with her head held up.....Linda Rae

    1 Reply
  3. Michael03:49pm Monday 21st November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    who cares? they are millionaires, surely they can buy some friends to cry on.

  4. david10:32am Monday 21st November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    That's what happens when you marry kid. After all that is what he is just a kid!!


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