Family take tour around the world during lockdown - from the comfort of their home in Wales

The Wright family have been everywhere from Germany to Greece in recent weeks - just virtually (SWNS)

A family have been taking a tour around the world in lockdown by recreating holiday memories from the comfort of their home.

Ceri Wright, 41, her husband Pete, 43, and children Gethin, seven, and Imogen, nine, ‘visited’ five destinations in just a week - after finding themselves unlikely to get away this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With a little imagination, they turned their house and garden in Wales into various holiday scenes.

This saw them feast on frankfurters, like in Frankfurt, play black-gammon as though they were in Greece, and enjoy a French breakfast of croissants.

The Wright family 'visited' five countries in just a week (SWNS)

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Ceri and Pete, who have been married ten years, ended their day in France with a ‘date night’ beneath fairy lights eating mussels and drinking wine in their garden ‘restaurant’.

Their week-long trip also took them to Italy and China - without them ever having to leave their home in Coedpoeth in Wrexham.

Ceri, who works as a ceramicist, said: “We decided to have a few days holiday actually going to places - mainly based around food.

“We started in Frankfurt as we flew via Frankfurt to France a couple of years ago, so we did the same, and had Frankfurters in Frankfurt.

They went for a hike near their Welsh home - and pretended it was the Dordogne (SWNS)

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“Then we headed to France with croissants for breakfast. The only place abroad we have all been together is France in 2018.

"We went for a walk along the River Clywedog, pretending it was the Dordogne and having a little paddle.

“Pete and I had a date night with moules underneath the fairy lights drinking French wine in our garden restaurant.

“The next day we woke up in Italy. We had a lunch of Italian meats, olives and salad.

One day of their 'trip', they woke up to a French breakfast (SWNS)

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"Tea was at the pizzeria where the chef, dad, let the children put their own toppings on pizza and created homemade focaccia, too.

“Each night we have put candles and flowers from the garden out in jam jars; doing simple things like changing the tablecloths to pretend we are somewhere different.”

Ceri lived in Cyprus for a year at art college, so enjoyed recreating some favourite meals, whilst indulging in a “glass or two” of Ouzo with her husband Pete, a CAD engineer.

They ended their trip in China on Tuesday, June 2nd with a Chinese banquet and practiced using chopsticks.

The family got imaginative with their house and garden (SWNS)

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Ceri added: “It’s been a fun way to travel the world without going anywhere and makes a change from the lockdown school and work routines.

“The weather has been amazing too. The children have been learning to cook new things and we have learnt a few words or sayings from each country too.

“We have not even been able to get over to my mum and dad who live on the West coast in Wales during this time.

"We cannot go any further than walking distance - only five miles from home.”