Family slashes $17,000 from their grocery bill

Allison Yee
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We all head to the supermarket with the best intentions. But a few impulse buys here, some extra snacks there, and a splurge on a nice bit of meat later, and you’re suddenly forking out hundreds of dollars at the checkout.

One family making all the wrong supermarket shop mistakes have been told how they can cut their spend by an incredible $17,000 a year – and it’s all due to simple, easy swaps.

Sabrina and Michael spend hundreds on their weekly shop and are guilty of overbuying. Photo: Channel 9

The Maiorano family are from Sydney, with Michael, Sabrina and their two children regularly spending $650 a week on groceries. That adds up to around $37,000 a year, which is almost three times as much as the national average.

The family had their spending picked apart for new show Eat Well for Less, with celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue and presenter Leila McKinnon explaining there’s a few easy ways to save big cash.

1. Skip the pre-packed snacks

Sure they’re easy, but buying things such as individual cheese and biscuit snack packs, or tubs of yoghurt and granola will cost you.

They’re convenient, but snack packs don’t come cheap. Photo: Instagram/chobani

The Maiorano’s were buying both for their daughters – and spending nearly $1250 on yoghurt packs – but buying individual items and putting them together themselves, would save them around $1070 a year.

2. Embrace the veg

Not only will it up your vegetable intake, but skipping meat for two nights a week can make your bank balance look a little healthier too.

Meat is always one of the most expensive items in your shopping trolley, so experts say cutting back can save you hundreds.

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If you and your family are die-hard carnivores, another idea is to buy a cheaper cut of meat and make use of the cooler weather by putting it in the slow cooker .

3. Don’t be a brand snob

It’s simple but true – the generic brands cost loss and can often be just as good as the big-name brands.

Things such as breakfast cereals and tinned goods are worth a try, and for those who have managed to avoid shopping at Aldi, take a trip down the aisles.

‘Eat Well for Less’ helps families save money with their groceries. Photo: Channel 9

The budget supermarket has legions of fans for a reason, and while it’s convenient to do all your shopping in the one place, there’s big bucks to be saved if you can find a generic brand of a regular food you eat elsewhere.

4. Shop at the deli

Bigger supermarkets often have a deli section and penny pinchers know that buying only what you need with things like bacon, sliced meats and cheeses can save you some cash. It will also save you from throwing away food you don’t get around to eating.

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