Woman's post on what mums really want for Mother's Day goes viral

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A woman’s post has gone viral after she opened up about what mums really want instead of teddy bears and pretty cards on Mother’s Day. 

Jenny Tompkins, who hails from Leeds in the UK, was spurred on to express her feelings about the day after she spotted a whole shelf of Mother’s Day gifts in her local supermarket. 

Jenny Tompkins' relatable Mother's Day post has gone viral online. Photo: Facebook/Jenny Tompkins

The holiday, which falls on Sunday 10th May in Australia and Sunday 22nd March in the UK, usually sees mums all over the world receive a cute token from their kids, but Jenny Hopkins reckons she has a better idea. 

“If you really want to show appreciation on the day that should really be called "Sorry your fanny got wrecked" then listen up,” she wrote on her Facebook account. 

She went on to list all the things mums really want on Mother’s Day, including to “piss in peace”. 

“We want two minutes alone in the bathroom without a little human staring at our bits like it's going to start firing out ping pong balls. Nothing magical is going to happen so for the love of God, leave us alone,” she wrote.

Jenny saw this display in a shop and was spurred on to write the Facebook caption. Photo: Facebook/Jenny Tompkins

Jenny went on to say that mums want their kids to get dressed and not find them twenty minutes later wearing nothing but their underwear and one shoe. 

“Move your own shit. How simple is that? This applies to husbands too. Shoes and coats have a place so use them!,” she continued. 

Jenny went on saying she wants her kids to eat what she made them without any fuss, asked her kids to stop losing their socks and wants her boys to “wipe the damn toilet seat”. 

“Girls. Sit properly on the toilet cos you keep spraying and your brothers get the blame,” she said. 

Jenny went on too plead with her kids to actually go to sleep when they go to bed, as it’s the “only time she feels human”. 

“Not only that but when you're pissing about till gone 10pm, I'm too tired to do anything remotely naughty with Daddy,” she said. 

“Pretty certain none of the above will happen though so I'll smile politely and with gratitude at whatever you get me because you're my world and who wants full bladder control anyway??,” she finished the post. 

Since making the Facebook past on Friday, people have applauded Jenny for saying it like it really is.

“Being a woman is hard. One is expected to do everything and it never ends,” one woman wrote.

Others commented saying “this is so true”, while many more tagged their friends in the relatable post.

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