Online cheaters now having affairs with five people at once

Sarah Carty

It seems cheating with one person isn’t enough for love rats anymore, as according to new research, there’s been a rise in multiple infidelities.

New-age technology has been blamed for people having affairs with as many as five people online – and Facebook and LinkedIn are the main way they do it.

According to the stats, things like Facebook messenger and LinkedIn mail are making it way too easy for cheaters to get in contact with potential conquests.

Abigail Lowther, an associate solicitor at the Hall Brown Family Law firm told the Sunday Telegraph that cheaters are so brazen about their online dating habits that they do it in the same room as their spouse.

Divorces are on the rise with people having online affairs with up to five partners at a time. Photo: Getty Images

“Some women complained about technology quite literally putting temptation at their partners’ fingertips, providing them with opportunities to establish and maintain extra-marital relationships via social media and dating websites even while they are in the same room,” she said.

This means that they don’t even need to leave the house to cheat anymore, as they are always within reaching distance of their phone.

However, while technology allows cheaters to have multiple affairs, it’s also easier for them to be caught out.

“People forget to close or properly delete emails, text messages are sent or received but not deleted, and photographs can appear on Facebook which although they might appear on a totally unconnected person’s Facebook page, disclose to the whole world the nature of relationships,” Abigail said.

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