Why you shouldn’t be worried about having sex on your period

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Despite still being a hushed topic of conversation, experts have confirmed there’s nothing dangerous or wrong with having sex during your period.

In fact, there can be some health and mood benefits to doing so - if it’s something that you’re comfortable with.

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Experts confirm having sex on your period is nothing to worry about. Source: Getty Images

As Founder of female-powered feminine care company, WooWoo, Lucy Anderson explains to Yahoo Lifestyle, “a bit of blood doesn’t have to halt bedroom activities.”

Here, we share some of her expert opinions and top tips for having sex on your period.

Can I have sex when on my period?

As with any other sexual interaction, the decision of whether or not to have sex on your period comes down to your personal comfort and preferences.


“If it doesn't float your boat that’s fine, being comfortable comes foremost, but we’re here to tell you the reasons why sex on your period is nothing to fear," says Lucy.

“First of all, while periods are inconvenient, they are not something to be shamed for, or ashamed of.

Founder of WooWoo Lucy Anderson
“If it doesn't float your boat that’s fine, being comfortable comes foremost, but we’re here to tell you the reasons why sex on your period is nothing to fear”, says Lucy Anderson, Founder of WooWoo. Source: Lucy Anderson

“Periods are your body's natural way of telling you that everything is working and that you haven’t got a bun in the oven, so unless you’re ready to be a mum, it’s a pretty good sign.

“There are people out there who think period sex is ‘disgusting’ and ‘unclean'. These ideas can be frustrating because they reinforce the narrative that periods are something you should be ashamed of.

"Suggesting periods are dirty or unclean is basically suggesting there is something wrong with women.

“It's been totally normalised through porn for women to be comfortable having men's fluids in, on and around them and not kick up a fuss. If you're happy being in contact with his fluids, then your partner should be cool with your bodily excretions.

"Instead of worrying about all the extra fluid involved, look at blood as a positive. After all, it's just extra natural lubrication.”

people having sex
Normalising period sex is part of normalising periods and removing the stigma. Photo: Getty

In fact, some people who menstruate experience an increased sex drive in the lead up to their period.

“If you tend to get a higher sex drive near the time of your period, you are not alone,” says Lucy.

“The reason you've been dreaming about your vibrator all day is of course, hormones. A rise in hormones can be why many women report having a higher sex drive than usual.

“Your period also stimulates the nerve endings around your vulva, which may mean your brain is interpreting it as if someone (or something) were actually touching you there.”

Will my bedroom look like a crime scene?

A common concern about sex during menstruation is that there will be a lot to clean up afterwards.

As Lucy explains, “the average period is only around six to eight teaspoons of menstrual blood. This is for the duration of your period too, so post-session it’s not going to look like a scene from The Shining. There may be a few splashes, but really, it isn’t going to be a blood-bath.”

What if I’m experiencing period cramps and PMS?

“Many women find that orgasms can actually relieve the not so pleasant side effects of periods such as headaches and cramps," Lucy explains.

“Sex triggers feel-good endorphins, which can distract you from pain and discomfort. Orgasms also cause the uterine muscles to contract and then release which can ease the constant state of muscle tension during the period.”

Young woman in pain lying on the couch and holding her stomach
Orgasms help some to relieve painful period cramps. Source: Getty Images

Tips for having sex on your period

  • “If you’re worried about blood getting on your bed linen, or if you suffer from heavy periods (over 16 teaspoons), try placing an old towel on the bed to ease your mind.

  • “Consider keeping a pack of tissues or wipes such as WooWoo’s Intimate Cleansing Wipes close at hand at the side of your bed for a quick wipe down post session.

  • “You can also use a condom to minimise blood going directly on your partner’s penis. WooWoo’s super thin Sensitive Feel Condoms will give you as close to that skin on feeling as you can get.

  • “Alternatively, a number of menstrual cups can also be safely used during sex giving you extra peace of mind.

Lucy also says it’s important to practise safe sex during your period to prevent STI’S and pregnancy.

And, most importantly…do what is comfortable for you and your body.

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