What To Expect When Drinking One Of The Rarest Coffees In The World

cup of kopi luwak coffee
cup of k opi luwak coffee - Ted Soqui/Getty Images

In addition to being one of the most rare kinds of drinks you can try, Kopi Luwak is also one of the priciest kinds of coffee you can pour into a cup. To make this special brew, coffee beans are passed through a Asian palm civet that Indonesians call a Luwak. The palm civet are known for their ability to find the ripest coffee cherries to eat. Once these prime coffee cherries are passed through the animal's system, the excreted beans are collected, cleaned, dried, and roasted like any other kind of coffee bean that is then ground and brewed.

What is interesting about this particular kind of coffee is that the resulting java is sweet and earthy in taste. Enzymes in the animals' stomachs round out the acidity of the coffee beans, and aromatic cups offer delightfully subtle coffee flavor notes of chocolate and fruit. The exact taste of this kind of coffee can't be replicated by any other means of production.

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Sipping With Scrutiny

kopi luwak coffee with cherries
kopi luwak coffee with cherries - Vdvornyk/Getty Images

In addition to offering a unique flavor profile that is syrupy rich and smooth, researchers have found greater health benefits present in cups of Kopi Luwak coffee. Compounds in the coffee like malic and citric acids as well as inositol, a natural sugar alcohol, are correlated with supporting hormonal health and warding off depression and anxiety disorders.

Caffeine enthusiasts should note that Kopi Luwak offers half the amount of caffeine as a standard arabica brew, so those looking for a morning fix without accompanying jitters could be well served by these specialty beans. Should you have the opportunity to buy this coffee and try a cup for yourself, be sure the Kopi Luwak is ethically made. Note that there are different kinds of civet coffee available, and the coffee you'll sample will vary depending on the cherries that the animals have consumed. Similar to a standard cup of coffee, you can use your grinder and coffee machine to brew your first cup. Take a sip before adding homemade coffee creamer or sweetener -- you may find you need less flavor enhancements to this richer cup of Joe.

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