Exclusive: The truth behind Lee’s love child scandal

Yasmin Vought

Lee is the frontrunner to win Georgia Love's heart on The Bachelorette but according to a new report by NW Magazine, he's is hiding a major secret.

Recent evictee Cam, who was sent home on Wednesday night, reportedly told NW that the 35-year-old is a baby daddy, telling them, “I have told the 110% truth, I have no kids. But did Lee tell you about his child? Nope? Okay.”

But speaking to Be, he does a major 180...

Cam. Source: Network Ten

"What? No, I don't think I said that," Cam responds when we quizzed him on Lee's mysterious child.

He explains: "I'm losing my voice, so I'm probably not sounding right. I probably meant to say 'kiss' or something like that and said it all wrong."

Lee Source: Network Ten

Well, that clears that up! After all, out of all the contenders for Georgia's heart, Lee was Cam's closest bud in the mansion.

"We're like best mates," he says, before joking, "I should look into this, maybe I'll call Lee and see if he's got a kid!"

Georgia and Lee. Source: Channel 10

Cam was sent packing during last night's episode, after Georgia said she didn't feel "comfortable" around him.

“I want someone who’s comfortable and confident every time I speak with them,” Georgia said after her one-on-one cocktail party chat with Cam.

“I’ve seen this confident side to Cam but I’m not getting that every single time I talk to him.”

Georgia and Cam. Source: Network Ten

And Cam totally agrees...

“Most of the time we were really good and chatty,” he says. “But there were times where I kind of realised I was on camera again and I got nervous.

“Then when I got nervous, she’d get nervous and it became this awkward conversation that we were both just trying to get through.”

This doesn't look awks to us, Cam! Source: Network Ten

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If anything, rumours have been swirling that Cam would make a perfect candidate for the next Bachelor. So what would he do for the first date?

Turns out he wouldn't change a thing about his Disney-themed date with Georgia. Awww.

“I reckon it’d be a lot more interesting to do things like my puppy date,” he says. “Rather than sitting in a helicopter and trying to talk, you could just laugh and roll around – just having fun – cool dates like that.”

Cam surprised Georgia with dalmation pups on their one-on-one date. Source: Network Ten

That down-to-earth vibe seems pretty important to the Perth-based bachelor, who explains to Be that he wants to make sure girls like him for him before revealing his job as a firefighter.

You know, in case they're into that kinda thing.

After all, Cam, who has posed for the annual Perth Firefighter’s Calendar, is only going to be recognised more for being on The Bachelorette.

So is he worried ladies will want to date him for the fame, let alone for the sake of dating a fireman?

Cam posed for a firefighters calendar to raise money for charity. Source: Network Ten

“I don’t generally tell people,” he says of the firefighter label. “You get to know someone and see if they’re interested, but if I was comfortable I would tell them what I do.

“You don’t kinda go, ‘Oh hey, I’m a firefighter and my name is Cam’. You sorta go go, ‘Oh hey my name is Cam, blah blah blah’, then you go, ‘Oh, and I’m a firefighter’.”

But that type of anonymity is only going to get more difficult now he's been on reality TV. And Cam agrees, telling us his mum warned him about the nutters who may emerge.

He reveals: “My mum said to me before I went on the show, ‘Please tell me this doesn’t mean you’ll be bringing more crazy girls home?’

“She’s like, ‘What if you do this and it’s only crazy girls who want to be with you because you were on this show that one time. I don’t think you should do it. You should meet nice girls who like you for you.’”

Well, ladies...get to it!

Cam dishes the dirt on Bachie house antics. Source: Network Ten

But you might want to be into fishing first, as Cam tells us, he had a bit of a penchant for it in the mansion. Well, during one early morning shenanigan sesh anyway.

“There was a pond full of Koi fish,” he explains. “So one morning I decided I was going to go Koi hunting, so I went and I tried to catch them.

“I went all Bear Grylls - stripped down, got in the water and tried to catch them. Thoroughly enjoyed it but I wasn’t very successful. And it was freezing cold.“

Now THAT would make for a cool date if Cam becomes next year's Bachelor. He sure gets our vote!

The Bachelorette continues tonight on Network Ten.

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