Exclusive: Simone reveals Sam and Tara are 100% together

Bachelor in Paradise is merely days from being over and some of our favourite couples are left clinging onto each other for dear life.

While it’s time to decide should they stay or should they go (metaphorically), we want to know who in #reallyfe are REALLY still together.

Simone Ormesher, whose own relationship with Apollo Jackson is well and truly over, spilled the tea on her co-stars and you will be thrilled with the news.

Simone Ormesher spilled the beans on the state of Tara and Sam’s relationship and it’s great NEWS. Source: Network Ten

“I think it’s quite obvious that Sam and Tara are still together,” Simone exclusively told Be. “They’re the best couple ever!”

It’s CONFIRMED: Sam and Tara are still 100% together according to Simone and they are “the best couple ever”. Source: Network Ten
Sam and Tara are officially the cutest couple in Paradise and we can’t get enough. Source: Network Ten Images // instagram: @tarapavlovic

“I think that’s what we all wanted to find in Paradise, what Sam and Tara have,” she said. “Unfortunately it just didn’t turn out that way for me.”

There you have it #Stara shippers. Love is officially well and truly alive!

Inspector Simone is on the case and knows all about our favourite Bachie couples. Source: Instagram/simone.ormesher

According to the star, Jarrod and Keira are still an item, Leah may or may not be engaged (but to be honest, “she doesn’t think she is”) and Ali and Grant? Doneskis. No word on Jake and Megan though!

Thanks for the goss, Sim!

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