Exclusive: What really happened when Megan and Jake left Paradise

Olivia Morris
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Megan Marx cast some serious doubts about the state of her Bachelor In Paradise relationship with Jake Ellis during last night’s finale.

So much so, she couldn’t go through with the commitment ceremony.

The pair have managed to come out on the other side and have confirmed they were still together and are, in fact, “in love”. Source: Ten

However, the pair have managed to come out on the other side, confirming they are still together and are, in fact, “in love”.

Despite now being totally loved-up, Megan admitted to Be in an exclusive chat that things between her and Jake were slightly in limbo after Paradise.

The pair weren’t entirely sure if their romance would last.

Megan revealed exclusively to Be what really happened once she and Jake left Paradise. Source: Ten

“There was an awkward period of time straight after Paradise where we weren’t really sure what we were doing,” Megan explained.

“But we kept talking and one month after filming I went to the Gold Coast to see Jake which is when everything kind of fell in to place.”

As to why she didn’t go through with the commitment ceremony, the 29-year-old put it down to simply “not being in love yet”.

“I felt like I was falling in love, but when you say that to somebody you really want to mean it,” she said.

Megan admitted she and Jake went through an “awkward period” with Jake and wasn’t sure their romance would last. Source: Ten

What it came down to, is the fact that both Megan and Jake needed “more time”.

“We took it to the outside and spent a lot of time together and came to that decision ourselves,” Megan said.

Well, here’s to hoping Megan and Jake can continue to make it work in this post-Paradise world.

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