Exclusive: Neighbours star Alan Fletcher discusses future of emotional Harold story

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours star Alan Fletcher has spoken to Digital Spy about Harold Bishop's big new storyline.

The actor's character Karl Kennedy has become concerned for Harold after spotting that the Erinsborough legend appears to be struggling with his memory.

Harold has returned to Neighbours for a guest stint to kick off the new season, but many of the episodes have included examples of him appearing confused and forgetful.

Tuesday's episode (September 26) saw Karl voice his concerns for Harold, just as his issues seemed to be getting worse.

karl kennedy, jane harris and harold bishop in neighbours
Amazon Freevee / Ray Messner

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Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Alan explained: "[Karl is] worried about Harold because he's exhibiting behaviour that is medically concerning.

"Karl gently, carefully, is attempting to assist Harold and make him feel that he is loved and cared for.

"But it's interesting – it's not that Karl gets it wrong or anything like that, but it's a lot more complex than at first we think it is.

"It's a lovely story and it resonates a lot with Karl because Karl, of course, is getting older as well and beginning to become quite aware of what it is to age."

alan fletcher as karl kennedy in neighbours
Fremantle / Gina Milicia

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He continued: "The stuff with Harold has been fantastic because it's given Ian Smith the opportunity to show what a fine, dramatic actor he is.

"He does some beautiful work, following on from the work he was doing at the end of the show last year – in the 'final' episodes and the scenes he had with Mackenzie and so forth. It's been a joy to work on that."

Karl's worries about Harold come at a difficult time for his own life, as he remains at odds with his wife Susan.

Susan has admitted to Karl that she still resents him for his ill-fated investment in Montana Marcel's business, which forced her to retire early to recoup some of the lost money.

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