Exclusive: Did Luke reveal who gets engaged on Bachelor In Paradise?

Olivia Morris

It's been strongly hinted that someone pops the question on the Bachelor In Paradise finale. But the question remains: who on earth is it?!

Well, newly-single Luke McLeod may have spilled the beans on which couple it is, while chatting with Be earlier this week.

While he insisted he couldn't specifically "shed any light" on who it was, the 33-year-old also strongly hinted it may be the hilarious couple Sam and Tara getting engaged as he gushed about their relationship.

Luke McLeod may have spilled the beans on which couple gets engaged, while chatting with Be earlier this week. Source: Ten

"I can say I love Sammy and Tara," he explained. "What they've got and how that's come about, it's been a beautiful thing to watch and see evolve."

Initially starting out as friends in Paradise, Sam and Tara's relationship has gone from strength to strength on the show.

Could Sam and Tara be the ones to get engaged? Source: Ten

The pair also share some hilarious commentary about their fellow island-goers' relationships.

Another couple who finally seem to have made their feelings clear for each other are Keira and Jarrod.

Keira and Jarrod have also been going from strength to strength in Paradise. Source: Ten

"They've obviously had their moments and ups and downs and gone round and round," Luke said. "But deep down I think there is a connection [between them] and I hope it works out for them."

To find out which couples stay together and which ones don't last the test of time, tune into Bachelor In Paradise on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.

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