Exclusive: Love Island star Elias’ real game plan revealed

Anita Lyons
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

If you’re a fan of the Love Island drama, then you’re in the right place.

A few nights ago, we witnessed Millie Fuller lose her collective mind at Elias “Tarzan” Chigros after he said he would “hit up” a girl he liked back home.

Elias Chigros is in the villa for all the wrong reasons. Source: Instagram/myfriendelias

Millie, who had romantic feelings for Elias and had just had a night in the “Hideaway” with him, was furious and questioned what is motives were if he was not here for love.

While we did not get a conclusive answer from Elias on the show, Natasha Cherie Webster spilled the tea after being dumped from last night’s Love Island re-coupling ceremony. 

In an exclusive chat with Be, the blonde bombshell revealed exactly why Elias is on the island of Mallorca.

“Elias said from day one that he doubts that he’ll meet somebody,” she said.

“The last girl that he dated was two-and-a-half years ago and he highly doubts that someone will walk in the door that he’ll be interested in.”

“He said straight up that he was there to build his profile because he’s starting up a new business, so he made it pretty clear that he was there for the experience.

“This was in our very first conversation. He wasn’t there to meet somebody.”

Ooh, the truth comes out! So was Millie right to go off at him?

“Millie probably dragged the situation out longer than it needed to be dragged out,” Natasha said.

“They only spent one night in the hideaway together and didn’t sleep together or anything, and it was pretty much one day of romance.”

Millie and Elias had a day of romance at the villa. Source: Channel 9

So there you have it. Someone on a reality TV show for fame? No….we are so shocked!

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