Exclusive: Hollywood poker queen spills secrets on Leo and Tobey

Olivia Morris
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Everyone loves to take risks every once in a while when it comes to money, dabbling in a bit of gambling here and there.

Perhaps if one is feeling lucky, you might head to the casino after a night out.

But when it comes to gambling in the world of Hollywood, we’re sure it’s a whole different ball game – or poker game in this case.

We were given a sneak peek into Molly Bloom’s life as a high-stakes poker game host in the hit movie Molly’s Game.

And now in an exclusive chat with Be, Molly spilled on the poker secrets of some of Hollywood’s elite.

Former high-stakes poker game host Molly Bloom definitely has a lot of stories about the gambling habits of Hollywood’s elite. Source: Getty

The 40-year-old crossed paths with Leonardo DiCaprio back in her poker days, but admitted he actually wasn’t a “regular player”.

Molly spilled on Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire’s gambling habits. Source: Getty

“He wasn’t a big gambler,” Molly explained. “He mostly came because his friend Tobey [Maguire] wanted him to come. He wasn’t a regular player and it wasn’t in his blood like some of the others.”

So, does that mean the Spider-Man actor was a big spender when it came to poker?

“Not necessarily a big spender,” Molly said. “But loved to play poker and was very focused on winning.”

As for Molly now, she’s left that fast-paced life behind her and settled in down in Colorado, but admitted seeing her story portrayed on the big-screen was certainly “surreal”.

“It definitely feels like it was a different life,” she explained. “I’m like, ‘That looks so exhausting. How did I ever do that?'”

Jessica Chastain portrayed the former high-stakes poker game host in the film, which Molly was thrilled about.

Molly with Jessica Chastain was the premiere of Molly’s Game in New York City. Source: Getty

“She nailed it,” Molly said. “When I heard it was going to be Jessica, I was over the moon. She’s an extraordinary actress.”

Molly’s Game is now available on digital, DVD and Blu-ray.

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