Exclusive: Gogglebox star heading to prison

Anita Lyons
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Spending a night in jail is not something that anyone would do willingly, however for Gogglebox star Matty Fahd, being locked up is exactly what is needed.

On Friday May 4, the 31-year-old media manager will be turning over his phone, donning a pair of prison overalls and saying goodbye to his freedom, all in the name of charity.

Through his job in the creative industries, Matty was introduced to White Lion, a charity that works with the juvenile justice system.

“Essentially they [White Lion] help young kids break through whatever upbringing they had,” Matty exclusively tells Be.

“It looks at where they are now and helps them reverse a potentially bad situation.”

Matty is able to relate to these kids as he grew up in an area where teens went “a lot of different ways”.

Matty and Sarah Fahd are on Aussie reality show, Gogglebox. Source: Instagram/matty_ef

“Some kids I went to school with ended up in jail,” Matty reveals. “I could have easily gone down that route if it wasn’t for the love that I had from my family.”

“I think about when I was young and there’s all sorts of situations that could have ended up really badly.”

Matty will be giving up luxuries such as his mobile phone, the comforts of his home and his puppy, Bane. Source: Instagram/matty_ef

The overnight experience takes place at Yasmar Detention Centre in Ashfield, Sydney which is a former Juvenile detention centre.

As a previous working prison, it still has the look and feel of the real deal – down to the beds, zero contact with the outside world and the bare minimum for food.

Matty has a big heart and likes to give back to the community. He also raised money by shaving his beard for BeyondBlue. Source: Instagram/matty_ef

The ‘inmates’ will stay locked up from 5pm on Friday until 9am the following day – however, the catch? you have to raise $1,000 for bail money.

“This idea is just incredible,” says Matty.

“It’s giving people a way to be able to do something that’s really putting them in the shoes of the cause that they’re supporting and it creates a different perspective on these issues, and teens themselves.”

Matty, Sarah and Jad are staples on the Gogglebox Australia couch. Source: Foxtel

You can donate to Matty’s fundraiser here and help bail him out!

Find out more more about White Lion and their partner Unltd.

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