Exclusive: Geordie Shore's Sophie reflects on being the 'bigger girl'

Olivia Morris
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Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei has been open about her weight struggle and now regularly shows off her amazing transformation on social media.

Ahead of the premiere of Geordie Shore Australia in May, the 28-year-old has opened up about being the “bigger girl” on the show in an exclusive chat with Be.

“For a long time I was always the bigger girl out of the other Geordies and I was always compared to them,” Sophie explained. “So, the likes of Charlotte, Vicky and Holly they all had mega transformations where everyone was talking about them [and how] amazing they looked.”

She looks incredible. Source: Instagram / sophiekasaei_

Sophie, who was in a relationship at the time, felt like she was the one who was “just getting on with life”.

While she insists her weight loss didn’t have anything specifically to do with the end of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Joel, there was a bit of a flick of a switch to change her lifestyle.

Sophie Kasaei has undergone an incredible transformation losing 15kg. Source: Exposure

“When I knew me and Joel weren’t really getting on I was just thinking, ‘You know what I just want to be on my own for a bit’,” she said. “I think then that’s when I decided to make a change in the way I look and look after my body a lot more.”

However, her weight loss wasn’t a quick fix and was a very “gradual” process.

“It was over the period of about six months it took us to lose about two and a half stone (16kg),” Sophie said.

She has been open about her weight loss journey on social media. Source: Instagram / sophiekasaei_

However, the reality star admitted she did fall off the bandwagon while filming the new Geordie Shore series on the Gold Coast after six weeks of drinking.

We’re sure she had a good time though and even hinted at the possibility of a holiday romance.

“For the first series to not be in a relationship I was just like, ‘Hell yeah! Bring on the boys’,” she said. “I was out there, I was looking, I was flirting and kissing. And you never know I might have a bit of romance.

“Who knows? I am Sophie and anything can happen.”

This photo hints Holly Hagan may be rejoining the Geordie Shore cast in Australia. Source: Instagram / sophiekasaei_

As it stands, Sophie is currently the only original cast member of the show but it seems there may be the return of a former redhead we all know and love, Holly Hagan, which seemed to make the brunette beauty giddy with excitement.

“If we see Holly come back you know that’s going to be amazing for me because I start the series lonely and I don’t really have anyone,” Sophie said hinting at her former co-stars return. “If Holly does make a comeback that’d be great for me but who knows? You’ve just got to watch.”

Geordie Shore takes Australia will premiere on May 16 on MTV.

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