Exclusive: 'Geordie Shore' hunk wants to date MAFS' Tracey

Anita Lyons
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Watch out Tracey Jewel, Geordie Shore’s newest hunk is coming for you!

If Alex MacPherson’s reaction to hearing the news of Tracey’s break-up is anything to go by, these two will be married in the mornin’.

Newly single Tracey Jewel has an admirer in 22-year-old Geordie Shore cast member Alex MacPherson. Source: Instagram/traceyjewel_ify and alex__macpherson.

“HOOK ME UP,” Alex yelled excitedly in an exclusive chat with Be. “Come on, give me a shout out!”

“Honestly though, I need a relationship. I’ve been single for a while now,” he said.

The 22-year-old is fresh out of the “shag pad”, however, is surprisingly ready for a relationship. Could Tracey be that person?

Tracey, who announced her break up with Sean Thomsen over the weekend, is 13 years Alex’ senior and has an eight-year-old daughter – but there’s no stopping him because he’s a (sweetheart) family man.

Alex is one of the newest cast members to join the smash hit brit show, Geordie Shore. Source: MTV

“I come from a family of five kids,” Alex revealed. “My mum is a single mother as well and I was the second eldest and helped raise them.

“I have a very close relationship with my brothers and sisters.”

Both being in the spotlight may have its drawbacks, and the press tours can take a toll, especially when it comes to family.

“I’ve been away the last couple of days,” he said. “They call me to tell me they miss me, so it will be good to get home and see the family.”

Nawww, that’s so sweet!

Well we know his siblings are excited for him, but the real question is – will Alex’ mum watch the show?

“Haha, absolutely not.”

Check out Alex in his full glory (literally) when Geordie Shore premiere’s on Tuesday 15 May, 10pm on MTV.

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