Exclusive: Elora's new boyfriend is no Apollo

Last night we saw Elora Murger leave Bachelor in Paradise without a coveted rose in hand, however, in a wonderful twist of fate, the 27-year-old has found love with Napalese native, Salvatore Savarese.

And he’s nothing like Apollo!

While Apollo was someone that she was interested in on the show, and the only one she wanted to pursue, she felt that nothing would ever eventuate with him and she always felt like she was chasing him in some way.

Now, the PT and fitness trainer is in a relationship with marketing manager Salvatore, 31, and the experience has been the exact opposite.

“On the island, it was always the women chasing the men,” Elora revealed exclusively to Be.

“Now, I  feel like I’m part of a wolf-pack where ‘I’m the woman’ and he [Salvatore] really takes care of me like a Queen.”

Elora is smitten with her new man, Salvatore Salvarese, a 31-year-old marketing manager from Naples, Italy. Source: Instagram/eloratahiti

The Tahitian goddess was lucky enough to leave Paradise and fall straight into a new relationship with her Italian Stallion, only one week later.

“I was open to finding someone and it was so good, and organic,” Elora said. “In a way I came home, went straight to festivals to perform, met my man there and I haven’t left him since.”

Elora is smitten with her new man and has no regrets about her time on the island. Source: Instagram/EloraTahiti

“I feel so powerful with him and so does he with me. No regrets, I am very happy with where I am today.”

While Elora’s experience on the island was all about the love triangle between her, Apollo and Simone, it was what she learnt about herself that was the catalyst for her new love.

Elora and Apollo entertain their ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ cohort with their incredible fire twirling skills. Elora was part of a love triangle between Apollo and Simone. Source: Network Ten

“People go out, they flirt but they never really know what they want and it wasn’t until I was on a reality show that I was asked what I wanted, what I was not into, what my dealbreakers were and you really had to look deep down into yourself and be able to answer all of these questions.”

“In a way it taught me to filter what I want and what I don’t want and I came out into the real world and all of a sudden I found the right one.”

Elora has kissed her Bachelor experience goodbye and it’s excited about what her new love and life will bring. Source: Instagram/eloratahiti

If you have any doubt at all about this new relationship, just hearing her gush about his name is all you need to know just how smitten she is.

“Sal-va-tore… it’s sounds sooo good!”

Naww, you go girl!