Exclusive: Bachelor In Paradise's Jarrod will marry Keira on this one condition

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Whilst Tara Pavolvic and Sam Cochrane got engaged on the Bachelor In Paradise finale, Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire only got as far as giving each other commitment rings.

However, Jarrod did say he would eventually make Keira his wife but it turns out there are some conditions his girlfriend needs to make before he officially pops the question.

When chatting exclusively to Be about when he may pop the question, the 32-year-old admitted Keira’s still got some things to prove to him.

Keira has apparently still got some work to do before Jarrod pops the question, Source: Ten

“She’s gotta keep working for it,” he joked. “She can’t just think it’s a sealed deal for her, she needs to still step it up a bit.”

Basically, Keira still needs to prove her love to Jarrod apparently.

“I’ve got to do it everyday,” he added jokingly.

She apparently has to prove her love to him, just as he does everyday. Source: Ten

As to why he didn’t pop the question on Bachelor In Paradise, it was due to valuing his privacy with Keira.

“I just thought it wasn’t very intimate,” he explained. “We want to be able to start our relationship on the outside world before we actually seal any deals.

“You want to get home and live a normal life for a little bit.”

The vineyard manager insisted he didn’t “want to rush into anything” and wanted to “build” on the relationship he has with Keira.

We can’t wait for this pair to tie the knot. Source: Ten

How sweet.

Well, when the wedding comes around Jarrod and Keira, please think of all of us here at Be for an invite.

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