Exclusive: Why Bachelor In Paradise star Jarrod's face is always red

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Jarrod Woodgate was known as the “stage five clinger” and pot plant man on The Bachelorette, but on Bachelor In Paradise viewers couldn’t get enough of his red face.

Many took to social media to question whether Jarrod actually knew what sunscreen is or not.

Well now in an exclusive chat with Be, Jarrod confirmed he does, in fact, know what sunscreen is and reveals the real reason behind why his face is so red.

Jarrod Woodgate has revealed why his face was so red on Bachelor In Paradise. Source: Ten

“I use sunscreen,” the 32-year-old confirmed. “I’m just not used to the heat.”

As to why he went so red, it’s because of his heritage.

“I have Scottish in my family,” he said. “They call it Fitzgerald heritage. We’re not made for Australia or any hot climates.”

It’s down to his Scottish heritage. Source: Ten

So, since he has Scottish roots will Jarrod be wearing a kilt on his future wedding day to Keira Maguire?

“That’s what I thought, but then I also thought it may be taking it a bit too far,” the vineyard manager said. “I don’t have the legs for it.”

Don’t put yourself down, Jarrod. We’re sure you’d look fab in a kilt.

The campaign starts here for Jarrod to wear a kilt on his wedding day. Source: Getty / Ten

Especially if you go traditional Scottish, could be good for a breeze on your wedding day if it’s hot.

If you get what we mean…

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