"Everyone's Going To Think I Took Ozempic Anyways": Jesse Plemons Got Super Vulnerable About How He Lost Weight

Jesse Plemons's career has been running strong since his breakout role as Landry Clarke on Friday Night Lights in 2006.

Jesse Plemons as Landry Clarke in "Friday Night Lights"
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He's gone on to play notable characters in the shows Breaking Bad and Fargo and films like Other People, Killers of the Flower Moon, and, earlier this year, Civil War.

Jesse, in military camouflage, holds a rifle, standing and talking to another person
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He even snagged a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination in 2022 for The Power of the Dog.

Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst stand outdoors in period attire, holding teacups; mountains are visible in the background
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Given his nearly two decades in the spotlight, Jesse has been the target of public interest in his physical appearance, and he opened up in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times about questions regarding his weight loss a few years ago.

Jesse Plemons poses at an event, wearing a suit with a shirt and sneakers, standing in front of a backdrop featuring the Cannes Film Festival logo
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Jesse is starring in director Yorgos Lanthimos's latest film Kinds of Kindness, and the LA Times reports the actor lost weight before being approached for the film.

Screenshot from "Kinds of Kindness"
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“It’s really unfortunate that I decided to get healthy when everyone decided to take Ozempic,” Jesse told the publication. "It doesn’t matter, everyone’s going to think I took Ozempic anyways."

Jesse Plemons wearing a black tuxedo with a black bow tie, smiling on a red carpet with photographers in the background
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He clarified that it was "getting older" and not imagining his character in Kinds of Kindness being "the size that I was" that contributed to his decision to lose weight.

Jesse Plemons at an event, wearing a gray suit with a white shirt, standing in front of a backdrop featuring green figures and the text "Civil War."
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As for how he lost the weight, Jesse credited intermittent fasting.

Jesse Plemons stands on the red carpet at the Emmys, wearing a classic black tuxedo with a bow tie. The backdrop features "FOX" and "Emmys" in repeated patterns

Jesse previously opened up about his weight in a 2016 interview with GQ, noting he was "a little more empathic" to the scrutiny put on women's appearances after people asked him about gaining weight for the 2015 film Black Mass.

Jesse Plemons in "Black Mass"

He also recalled to GQ a story about attending the Fargo premiere after losing some weight.

Jesse Plemons on a red carpet wearing a classic black tuxedo with a bow tie, standing against a green backdrop with sponsor logos

"I remember this guy, like, 'What’s your secret to losing the weight? Tell us!' I was like, 'Well, I was eating everything, and then I just stopped eating terrible food.' It’s not too complicated," he said.

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